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Girl Power 2 Cure's logo is a flower which represents the beauty and strength in girls -- both girls suffering from a severe neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome - AND girls who are joining in our mission to cure this horrific syndrome which robs young girls of their ability to walk, talk or use their hands.
Each flower "planted" becomes part of a Garden of Hope.
Each kit includes materials for 1-5 Gardens of Hope:
  • 250 paper flowers (packed in 5 sets of 50)
  • 5 11x17 posters 
  • 25 Brochures
You reach out into your community and find hosts to grow your garden. Hosts can be stores, banks, restaurants, salons, schools, churches, even the town fair. Customers pay $1 to sign a flower and add it to the garden.
These flowers are not real, but they do represent real hope.